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Video: The Rosita® method vs. the standard process used by major brands

By Natalie Lavis   ∙   January 07, 2021   ∙   0 Comments

Check out the video below to learn about how standard cod liver oil is processed compared to the natural Rosita® method.





"Plenty of cod liver oils make bold health claims — and say they’re all-natural.

But Rosita® is the only company that offers truly fresh, unprocessed and raw cod liver oil. It maintains all of its naturally-occurring vitamins A and D, plus a full spectrum of omega fatty acids.

That’s because no one else makes cod liver oil like Rosita® does

Rosita® combines sustainable line-fishing practices with an ancient, natural oil-extraction method that dates to the Viking era.

The standard process used by major brands involves intensive refining. It can subject the oil to heating, steaming, bleaching, winterizing, degumming and deodorizing. All major companies also distill their oils to remove toxins, sometimes called molecular distillation. This simply means they boil the oil to over 375℉.

These steps destroy most of the vitamins and can damage the healthy fats. So the oil is fortified with vitamins. 

By contrast, Rosita® uses a rare method to gently release the oil right after harvest, with temperatures akin to the ocean, where codfish thrive. It lets nature do all the work. The oil is then gravity-filtered for purity, with a drop of natural antioxidants added to maintain freshness. 

The end result? One hundred percent unadulterated, nutrient-rich cod liver oil of the highest quality and freshness.

Treat yourself to Rosita® Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. Your body will thank you."