Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil Endorsements

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac

Author of the New York Times best seller, “Your Personal Paleo Code”

“As soon as the EVCLO product became available, I ordered some. I noticed right away that it smelled, looked, and tasted fresh. This, together with Rosita’s transparency and third-party testing, was enough to convince me to switch over to EVCLO and begin recommending it to my tribe.”

Dr. Terry Wahls, MD

Creator of the Wahls Protocol

“I’d much rather use a product like Rosita that’s been around for many, many generations with great success.”

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. & Stacy Toth

The Whole View Podcast — The Paleo Mom

“Fish oil can be a powerful supplement for health, but only when it's as high quality as Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil!  We love that it is gently extracted using a patented technique to naturally release the oil from the livers of sustainably sourced wild-caught cod that are hand-selected. No heat, chemicals, solvents or mechanics ensures a truly raw oil that is unadulterated and pure without risk of inflammatory oxidation. Rich in nutrients including vitamins A, D and a full-spectrum of omega-3s, this is what we and our families use and love!”

Jenny McGruther

Author, “The Nourished Kitchen”

“When choosing a cod liver oil my family prioritizes sustainability, ethical and traditional production, and good quality in both flavor and nutrition. So, production matters – a lot.

Rosita sources their cod livers from fishermen who catch their fish by hook and line, thus minimizing bycatch and other destructive methods of fishing. Further, they source their cod livers from sustainably managed Norwegian fisheries where the cod populations have exploded, seeing pre-WWII stock levels. Ensuring that the cod liver oil is sustainably and ethically produced.”

Dr. Steven Lin, DDS

Author, “The Dental Diet”

“I love Rosita Cod Liver Oil, as the teeth have an inner immune system that’s hungry for vitamins A and D.”

Morley Robbins

Creator of the Root Cause Protocol

“For those that follow my work on the Facebook “Magnesium Advocacy Group,” Rosita’s EVCLO is a critical cornerstone of our Root Cause Protocol that is designed to bring our bodies back into balance.

When you reflect back on the historical use of nutritional supplements around the globe, there are few that are as legendary, nor as tried and true, as the use of cod liver oil. It was the mainstay for our ancestors’ daily diets — it served them well. They would likely slap us silly now if they saw how twisted and distorted our understanding of this nutrient-dense source of food has become.

We are fortunate to have access to such a superior brand of cod liver oil. Again, it’s not just Rosita’s unique processing of this product, but their clear understanding of the VITAL balance of these key nutrients to ensure our optimal metabolism and health.

I am excited to use it, and I’m proud to recommend it…

We live in an era LOST in “D”ementia! Everyone, and their doctors, are obsessed with their “D”efficiency, and all are jazzed up to get their “D”-minder Apps… MAG me with a spoon!…But NO ONE, except the folks at Rosita it seems, is at ALL concerned with their Vitamin A (Retinol) status. And thank heavens for the discipline and devotion that Rosita has for making a superior form of Cod Liver Oil, and allowing the nutritional TRUTH of MTHR NATURE to shine through:

10X MORE vitamin A (Retinol) than vitamin D (Calcidiol)!

And when you drill into the testing, healthy levels of Retinol are (approximately 200 ng/dL) and healthy levels of storage-D have no clinical benefit (greater than 21 ng/dL). Intriguing how the testing supports this critical nutrient ratio found uniquely in Rosita’s Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)…

Clearly, Mother Nature knows something that we have apparently completely lost sight of, and that is that it takes 10X times more retinol to keep that “hormone-D” in proper check and regulation in our ever-stressed out bodies.”

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

Creator of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Diet

“Vitamin A & D – the good supplement is cod liver oil… I use… the Rosita oil.”

Shane Ellison, “The People’s Chemist”

Chemist and author, “Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded Edition”

“(My)… analysis confirmed that the extra virgin cod liver oil from Rosita Real Foods contained all of nature’s healing fatty acids (EPA and DHA) along with a host of naturally occurring micronutrients such as vitamin A and D. Even better, no environmental contaminants or synthetic counterfeits were discovered…. This is the only company on earth that I know of, that’s not butchering or adulterating their cod liver oil for the sake of profits or convenience. And it’s the company I trust to preserve and promote health in my family.”

Liz Wolfe, NTP, “Real Food Liz”

Best selling author, “Eat the Yolks”

“I’m thrilled to lend my support to Rosita. It’s a wonderful product. It has a clean, light taste, NO aftertaste, and it is produced with transparency, by good people, in a manner I can truly support.

  • It’s fresh because it is bottled within 48 hours of the fish being caught in remote (read: clean) waters of Norway.
  • It’s wild. Rosita does their own fishing (know your fisherman!)
  • It’s raw because no heat, chemicals or mechanical processing is used to obtain the oil.

Here are the personal benefits I attribute to taking EVCLO:

  • My immune system stayed strong throughout the winter.
  • My keratosis pilaris didn’t return. It often flares in the winter, and it didn’t this year.
  • I had no issue taking EVCLO during pregnancy. The other brand is – well – pungent, and could be difficult for anyone with food aversions to take. There’s hardly any fishy flavor, and none of the odiferousness of the other “fermented” brand.”

Beverly Meyer, CCN

Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist

“Rosita is the breakthrough product my clinic and clients needed. It’s fresh, raw, anti-inflammatory and delivers real nutrients in their natural form. Capsules or oil – they’re both simply perfect.”

Dr. Eric Berg, DC

Best selling author and creator of the Body Type Weight Loss System

“You want a really high quality cod liver… raw, extra virgin cod liver oil. It’s worth the extra money because the way it’s processed is like “very, very unprocessed.””

Dr. Ron Schmid, ND

Author,” Primal Nutrition: Paleolithic and Ancestral Diets for Optimal Health and the Untold Story of Milk”

“Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is a truly wild and raw food, artisan produced and of exceptional quality. It is free of synthetic nutrients and contains the potent, naturally occurring biologically active nutrients present in living codfish liver.”

Ali Anderson, NTP

Founder of Island Health SC, nutritional restaurant consultant

“Cod liver oil is a rich source of Vitamin D3, containing 1,360 IU’s per tablespoon. For quality, it is important to make sure that the company tests for heavy metals. For this reason I find that Rosita’s is the best brand of cod liver oil. “

Jaclyn Harwell

The Family that Heals Together

“Extra Virgin Cod Liver oil is a precious commodity and should be treated as such, rationed out as needed and savored for the healing benefits… a bottle of golden, liquid sunshine arrived on my doorstep. It was worth the wait – my kids like its mild, fishy flavor, and I love the great care with which it’s been produced.”

Chris Gonzalez, CPA MST CHHC CR

Founder & CEO, Miami Wellness Club®, South Florida’s Premier Guide to Healthy Living™ 

“Nourishing your body by eating nutrient-dense, organic, non-GMO whole foods is the best way to achieve optimal health. Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is part of our daily wellness supplementation regimen as it is full of fat-soluble vitamins A & D, and a full spectrum of brain/heart healthy, anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids, including EPA and DHA. We recommend this pure, wild, fresh, raw and sustainable product to all of our guests and anyone looking to experience increased immunity and vitality.”

Sarah Smith

Nourished and Nurtured Life

“In my own family, Rosita’s extra virgin cod liver oil (EVCLO) is the cod liver oil that has worked best for us. The kids and I take it straight off a spoon, but my husband prefers to take his EVCLO in capsules. EVCLO’s mild flavor and superb nutrition have made it a win-win. Rosita’s cod liver oil is superior to all others because their ancient-Viking harvesting process uses no heat, pressure, or chemicals.”

Kelly Moeggenborg

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

“Rosita brand CLO is loved by many for its high quality and milder taste. I’ve known the owners for years and trust them.”

Brittany Barton

Sparkle Kitchen

“Rosita is a company that I trust and I believe their fishing methods are responsible and sustainable.

I love EVCLO for it’s healthy source of omega 3, vitamins D and A that comes from a whole food source. It’s a great alternative for those fish-haters out there. The taste is pure and light and yes it does taste fishy. But wouldn’t you want something coming from fish to taste fishy? That’s how you know it’s the real deal. The other alternative is to eat the whole fish so you make the choice.”

Nicole Jardim

The Period Girl

“The ABC’s of natural treatments for heavy periods… Vitamin A – from liver or cod liver oil preferably. I like Rosita Real Food Cod Liver Oil or Cod Liver Oil Capsules. Vitamin A deficiency has been found in women with menorrhagia and vitamin A supplementation has been shown to reduce heavy periods significantly.”