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Wild-caught, raw & sustainable fish liver oils fresh from the crystal clear waters of Norway

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Dan Corrigan fishing in Norway
Dan Corrigan fishing in Norway

Fresh, tested and true

Discover how we make our unprocessed fish oils

Rosita Real Foods® is a family-run company in Norway that handcrafts the only wild-caught, raw and unprocessed fish liver oils on the market today.

Our company is comprised of old-time, genuine Norwegians and fishermen who live and breathe pure fish oil. We follow sustainable, hand-caught fishing practices using an open boat with a shelter deck on the Norwegian fjords’ icy clean waters.

Your fish oils are then crafted in small batches using a gentle cold extraction technique — without heat or chemicals. This way, they retain all of their original, robust nutrients and omega fatty acids, just as Mother Nature intended.
Fishing boats in Norway

Independently tested

It’s important to know exactly what goes into your body

Rosita® fish oil is unprocessed and pure, which means it retains all of its precious, naturally occurring nutrients and it meets strict European standards for safety.

We’re the only company to use truly gentle heat-free and chemical-free method to purify our natural fish liver oil.* No other company produces fresh, raw oil, which means they're using heat to cleanse their oils.

Each batch of our fish liver oils is 3rd-party tested in a microbiological laboratory and certified to meet strict European regulations for potency and purity.

This all means your body will recognize Rosita® fish liver oils as real nutrient-rich food, rather than a processed supplement.
Fishing boats in Norway