Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil Supplements: 101

What’s cod liver oil?

You may have heard your grandparents talk of swallowing down cod liver oil as children. They had the right idea...

Cod liver oil is the oil extracted from the livers of codfish, and it’s commonly taken as a dietary supplement for its rare and rich nutrient profile. When Atlantic cod liver oil is fresh and unadulterated, it contains vitamins A and D, and omega fatty acids.

In the 1920s, cod liver oil supplements were given to children to avoid and treat rickets, which is caused by vitamin D deficiency.*

What makes Rosita Real Foods® special?

Rosita® Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is the only fresh, wild-caught and raw cod liver oil in the entire world. Straight from pristine Norwegian seas, it contains naturally occurring vitamins A and D, and a full spectrum of omega fatty acids, including omega-3 EPA and DHA.

If you do the research, you’ll find that most commercial cod liver oils are highly processed with heat that wipes out the natural vitamins A and D, and damages the fragile omega-3 fatty acids. To make up for the loss, most cod liver oil producers will add synthetic vitamins.


Yet Rosita® is the only company that uses a truly gentle, chemical-free and heat-free method to purify the cod liver oil, giving you a precious and nutritious final product. 

Here are more essential differentiators: 

  • Only Rosita® catches its own fish. The sustainable practice is simply hook and line on the family’s own fishing boats. 

  • Only Rosita® uses a rare, generations-old technique that naturally releases the oil from the hand-picked livers (with a gentle temperature shift). No heat, chemicals, solvents or mechanical devices are ever used during the extraction process. 

  • Each batch is 3rd-party tested in a microbiological laboratory and certified to meet strict European regulations for potency and purity. See the results here

  • Available in liquid and softgels

Why take it?

Traditional cultures with vibrant health consumed organ meats, especially liver, where many animals store key nutrients that are nearly absent in even the healthiest of diets. Our customers enjoy Rosita® cod liver oil supplements as they’re a convenient way to get these nutrients without having to eat liver: 

  • Vitamin A: Rosita® Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil has true vitamin A in retinol form, which means the body can easily absorb and use it (unlike the vitamin A found in plants as beta-carotene, which the body must then convert to retinol). Vitamin A is involved in immune function, vision, reproduction and cellular communication.*

  • Vitamin D: Helps the body absorb calcium to support bone health.*

  • Omega fatty acids (a full spectrum, including EPA and DHA): Omega 3 fatty acids are known for reducing inflammation and preserving brain health.*

Here are more benefits of Rosita® Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil.