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How to use Rosita Cod Liver Oil to supplement the Wahls Protocol menu

By Natalie Lavis   ∙   February 25, 2021   ∙   0 Comments
Dr. Terry Wahls

Below is an interview featuring Dr. Terry Wahls and our very own Dan Corrigan. Dr. Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine and author of “The Wahls Protocol,” which supports people with autoimmune health conditions. She created the dietary protocol after healing her multiple sclerosis with real food. 

Dan is a pioneer of the real food movement, a supplement maker, and he helped develop and launch Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil for the Americas. Dan, too, healed his life-threatening digestive condition with the wholesome food on his plate.

Now, Dan and Dr. Wahls use their knowledge and experience to help others.

Here’s what the interview covers: 

  • How the Norwegian Rosita Real Foods family creates completely unprocessed cod liver oil
  • Rosita’s sustainable ethos
  • The ideal dosing for maintenance (and why you don’t need much)
  • How real food and cod liver oil can support immunity and respiratory health 
  • Industry and advertising terms that signify a cod liver oil is overprocessed 

Why Dr. Terry Wahls uses Rosita Cod Liver Oil 

Dr. Wahs considers quality cod liver oil an integral part of her protocol. She has Rosita in her fridge. That’s because it’s the only fresh, raw and unprocessed fish oil that yields a full spectrum of omega fatty acids (especially DHA and EPA) and vitamins A and D — wild-caught and bottled in Norway by the Rosita family. 

The nutrients in cod liver oil are supportive of brain health and may ease inflammation.* This is particularly relevant for those embarking on a real food, dietary protocol for autoimmune issues, says Dr. Wahls.* 

In her revised and expanded book, “The Wahls Protocol,” she covers why adding a premium cod liver oil supplement (that’s not molecularly distilled) is necessary, because even when Wahls Warriors eat grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish, they still might not be getting enough of these powerful and rare nutrients: 

“Your brain needs DHA to make myelin. EPA is very helpful in lowering inflammation. You can see why anyone with MS or another autoimmune condition would benefit greatly from these compounds!… Cod liver oil (also) maximizes content of fat-soluble vitamins A, D… if you are not consuming liver, cod liver oil is an excellent way to get some retinol as well as vitamin D in your diet.”

Here’s more information on how Dr. Wahls uses Rosita and the Wahls Protocol. 

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