Morley Robbins

By Dave Rouleau   ∙   March 24, 2020   ∙   0 Comments
Morley Robbins

Creator of the Root Cause Protocol

“For those that follow my work on the Facebook “Magnesium Advocacy Group,” Rosita®’s EVCLO is a critical cornerstone of our Root Cause Protocol that is designed to bring our bodies back into balance.

When you reflect back on the historical use of nutritional supplements around the globe, there are few that are as legendary, nor as tried and true, as the use of cod liver oil. It was the mainstay for our ancestors’ daily diets — it served them well. They would likely slap us silly now if they saw how twisted and distorted our understanding of this nutrient-dense source of food has become.

We are fortunate to have access to such a superior brand of cod liver oil. Again, it’s not just Rosita®’s unique processing of this product, but their clear understanding of the VITAL balance of these key nutrients to ensure our optimal metabolism and health.

I am excited to use it, and I’m proud to recommend it…

We live in an era LOST in “D”ementia! Everyone, and their doctors, are obsessed with their “D”efficiency, and all are jazzed up to get their “D”-minder Apps… MAG me with a spoon!…But NO ONE, except the folks at Rosita® it seems, is at ALL concerned with their Vitamin A (Retinol) status. And thank heavens for the discipline and devotion that Rosita® has for making a superior form of Cod Liver Oil, and allowing the nutritional TRUTH of MTHR NATURE to shine through:

10X MORE vitamin A (Retinol) than vitamin D (Calcidiol)!

And when you drill into the testing, healthy levels of Retinol are (approximately 200 ng/dL) and healthy levels of storage-D have no clinical benefit (greater than 21 ng/dL). Intriguing how the testing supports this critical nutrient ratio found uniquely in Rosita®’s Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)…

Clearly, Mother Nature knows something that we have apparently completely lost sight of, and that is that it takes 10X times more retinol to keep that “hormone-D” in proper check and regulation in our ever-stressed out bodies.”