BEE BREAD: Testing

By Dan Corrigan   ∙   July 01, 2021   ∙   0 Comments

What are the testing measures for Rosita® Bee Bread?

Once harvested, Rosita® wild and raw Bee Bread is immediately stored at low temperatures. A Bee Bread sample is then sent to a governmental inspection agency in India, where it undergoes microbiological and heavy metal testing. Only if the results are satisfactory can it be awarded a Veterinary Certificate, which is essential for the Bee Bread to clear customs.

Once the certificates are issued, the bee bread is packaged for transport in a HACCP certified facility and bottled into glass jars in a BRCGS certified facility. The BRC Global Food Standard is the best in the world and BRCGS Certification demonstrates that the facility complies with a BRCGS Global Standard for food safety, packaging and storage.