Wahls 2020 Rosita Giveaway


Welcome to Rosita USA! As a proud sponsor of the Wahls Protocol Seminar, we would love to spread some good vibes and wellness by sharing our’ wild-caught, raw and unprocessed fish oils with one lucky Wahls Warrior.
From August 28 through August 31, you can enter to win this fantastic gift set!       


Winner will receive a gift set containing:

(Retail value: $129)

1 bottle of Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil liquid - 150 ml
1 bottle of Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil softgels - 90 count
1 bottle of Rosita Extra Virgin Ratfish Liver Oil - 10 ml

Please explore our new Rosita USA website filled with helpful information and take advantage of this opportunity to win this special, nutrient-rich gift set, which aligns beautifully with the Wahls Protocol. 


Dr. Terry Wahls, MD

Creator of the Wahls Protocol

“I’d much rather use a product like Rosita that’s been around for many, many generations with great success.”





*Winners will be notified on September 2 with the free gift shipping on September 4, 2020.  Please note, this offer is non-transferable, meaning it’s only good for the person receiving this email.